il Narratore audiolibri_ il Narratore italian audiobooks - Guide to Audio-eBook (EPUB 3)

The Audio-eBooks of il Narratore are available in EPUB 3, open standard for eBooks that allows the inclusion of multimedia elements, such as audio tracks, and advanced features, such as highlight the snippet of text being read by the talented narrators.

All Audio-eBooks must first be downloaded from il  Narratore on line shop or other Stores on line that distribute them.


For the use of Audio-eBook EPUB 3 ( .epub extension ) of il Narratore,  the perfect APP is MENESTRELLO for reading eBooks + listening to audio in sync with text highlighting. Experience the seamless blending of great written words and superb human narration. Proudly brought to you by ReadBeyond. For free, because we love sharing great stories.

 MENESTRELLO is available for all mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, Android 

Download the latest version for your device:

 Accedi per scaricare l'ultima versione di Menestrello per il tuo smartphone e tablet Android


Omaggio in Audio-eBook da I MALAVOGLIA di G.Verga Omaggio in Audio-eBook da Le avventure di Pinocchio di Carlo Collodi il CAP.12lo Omaggio in Audio-eBook un racconto di Grazia Deledda Omaggio in Audio-eBook da Lettura+Ascolto di Maurizio Falghera

For desktop systems ( Windows , Mac OS X and Linux ) : Google Chrome with the extension Readium.

The audio playback function of our Audio-eBooks .EPUB 3 are available in all three software above.

The highlight function of the text , for desktop systems is at present only available in Readium.


How to import an Audio-eBook Android
How to import an Audio-eBook Readium ( desktop Windows , Mac OS X and Linux )
How to extract just the audio from the new format Audio-eBook ( EPUB3 )

How to import an Audio-eBooks Android

1) Install, if you have not done before, MENESTRELLO through Google Play from this page:

2) Download the file on your Android device Audio-books via the built-in browser, via USB or memory card.

3) Open Menestrello and select the file in the resources of your device.

How to import an Audio-eBooks Readium (desktop Windows, Mac OS X and Linux)

1) Install, if you have not done before, the free browser Google Chrome, by downloading it from address   
2) Install, if you have not done before, the free extension Readium at, clicking the 'Install from Chrome web store'
3 ) Close and reopen Chrome, and then click on the icon UP on the left EXHIBITION APP find the icon ' Readium ' (Warning: if you open Chrome goes to a default address , you must open the APP Chrome to display the icon READIUM and open the application)
4) Click on the open book with the sign '+' at the top right 

5) In the dialog box, click on the 'From local file - Choose file' and select the file Audio-books to import

6) Once the import, Audio-eBooks appear in library Readium: to open it, just click on it.

NOTE: If importing an  Audio-eBook Readium appeared locked *, we recommend:

(* Wait a few minutes, however, before performing this procedure, because Readium may take longer than expected to import the audio books)

A) Close Readium;

B) Create a folder 'audio book' on your desktop and name it with the title of the work;

C) Copy the file to the  Audio-eBook on your Desktop and rename the file to the Audio-books, changing the extension from '.epub' in '.zip';

D) Unzip the file renamed, selecting the destination folder as the folder 'audio book - title of the work';

E) Reopen Readium and follow steps 3, 4 and 5 above.

F) In the dialog box, click on the button 'Unpacked Directory - Choose file' and select the folder 'audiobook'.

How to extract just the audio files from the new format  Audio-eBook (EPUB3)
1) Change the extension .epub with the .zip extension;

2) de-zipping the file and extract the desktop folder / folder called OEBPS;

3) Open the folder OEBPS; inside you will find another folder named AUDIO that contains all the audio tracks that make up the audiobook;

4) bring also this AUDIO folder on your desktop and rename it with the title of the audio book;

5) Open and check the contents: you will find all the files that make up the MP3 audiobook;

6) transfer MP3 audio files on any MP3 player, USB, tablet, smartphone or other device to listen to all the audio book, or burn for their own use a CDMP3.