Elsie Benedict - The 5 Human Types (download)


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ISBN 9781907832857
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Every individual owes it to himself to find the right work and the right mate, because these are fundamental needs of every human being. Lacking them, life is a failure; possessing but one of them, life is half a failure. To obtain and apply the very fullest knowledge toward the attainment of these two great requisites should be the aim of every person.
Only those men and women can be happy together whose natures automatically encourage each other in the doing of the things each likes to do, in the way each likes to do the. In this volume you will discover how each type behaves in love relationship and how to find the best match for yourself; which type to marry and which type not to marry. Read in English, unabridged.

Author:  Elsie Benedict
Read by:  Max Bollinger
Running time:  00h 57'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
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