Greg Cetus - Sweet Dreams (download)


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Product code SL396614
ISBN 9781910150955
Category Science & Philosophy
Brand Interactive Media

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Sweet Dreams features natural ocean waves ideal for deep sleep, relaxation or meditation. This natural high definition stereo recording gives you 60 min of pure, smooth, dreamy natural ocean sound. This recording will transport you to the shores of the beautiful blue sea and allow you to fully immerse yourself info those soothing relaxing waves.
The recording starts with gentle baby waves splashing against a multitude of tiny pebbles. You will hear lots of air bubbles and whispers from each wave as they roll from one side to the other, transforming from shallow foamy froth into a beautiful splash. As they flow gently back into the sea and grow, a set of new waves is forming to take you with them into their own dreamy world.

Enjoy the smooth serene ocean waves as they lull you to sleep. This is a natural relaxation and meditation aid to help you relax and fall asleep.

Author:  Greg Cetus
Read by:  Greg Cetus
Running time:  01h 00'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
Type support:  Download: 1 mp3