Guido Gozzano - La via del rifugio (CD)





Product code PO980-CD audio
ISBN 8888211454
Category Poesia
Brand il Narratore audiolibri

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"LA VIA DEL RIFUGIO" can be considered a text representative of Gozzano's work, and so much so as to encapsulate all the main elements of his lyrical world. It has all the ingredients: ingenuity, irony and literary parody, the ability to adopt poetic licence. Instead of the pomp of being recognised as a "Poeta-alla-D'Annunzio" and of wishing for the "beautiful life", Gozzano prefers the peaceful and mundane existence of the old farmer or weaver. Instead of the love for actresses and princesses he uses the love for domestics and cooks, he evokes a past world, a life which is "small and bourgeois", homely and country, as opposed to the corrupt elegance of city life.

Author:  Guido Gozzano
Read by:  Patrizia Bossoni
Running time:  1h 06'
Copyright audio:  il Narratore audiolibri
Type support:  1 CD audio
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