Ivan Turgenev - My Neighbour Radilov (download)


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ISBN 9781787241589
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Once, as I was wandering about the fields after partridges with Yermolai, I saw some way off a deserted garden, and turned into it. I had hardly crossed its borders when a snipe rose up out of a bush with a clatter. I fired my gun, and at the same instant, a few paces from me, I heard a shriek; the frightened face of a young girl peeped out for a second from behind the trees, and instantly disappeared. Yermolai ran up to me: 'Why are you shooting here? There is a landowner living here.' Read in English, unabridged.

Author:  Ivan Turgenev
Read by:  Max Bollinger
Running time:  00h 20'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
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