Joseph Jacobs - Juanito y la habicuela màgica - Spanish Edition (download)


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ISBN 9788862770941
Category Bambini (in lingua straniera)
Brand GOODmood Edizioni Sonore

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Would you ever accept to trade a big basket of fresh eggs with a few dried beans? It is like trading a big three-tiers cake full of custard and cream, with a jelly. You need to be brace and a bit of a hothead, but we all know that in farytales unusual things can happen. Jack, the protagonist of this nice fairytale, is convinced by a weird old woman to do this crazy trade; she promises that the beans will bring him good fortune and will solve every problem for him and his mother, and Jack believes her. All jack has to do is planting one of the dried beans in the field near his house, water it and wait! It's not easy for the boy to justify his trade, actually not very convenient, with his mum; but the eggs are gone anyway, so it only remains for him to plant a bean. Wonderful surprises await little Jack, but he will have to work hard and try to escape a fierce ogre.

ContenutoJuanito y la abicuela magica

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Author:  Joseph Jacobs
Read by:  Narratori vari
Running time:  14'
Copyright audio:  GOODmood Edizioni Sonore
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