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In this famous fairytale, the three little pigs remind us that the easiest way, the one that requires less work, is not always the right one. If you want to get something satisfying, you have to give it some commitment. It's always the same, the three little pigs learn about it and will never forget! Their bad adventure with the wolf will teach them not to make mistakes in the future! But listen to what happened: Perry, Terry and Jerry are three funny pigs that decide to settle down on their own. Each of them wants a nice, comfy and safe house. One wants to build it in straw, one in wood and one in bricks! The three brothers start working: Jerry uses straw, in a moment his house is ready. What's so hard about it? It does not take hard labour to have a straw house. and it looks good! Nice and cosy. Perry's wooden house is also built up fast; it's quick to nail down a few wooden boards and the house just looks like a mountain chalet! Only Terry spends many days to build his brick house; and it's hard work! The pig sweats blood to make a proper work, but in the end his house is ready too. But most of all, it's safe, wolf-proof! Yes, because in this fairytale there is a hungry wolf who loves having pigs for breakfast, and goes around open-mouthed looking for his favourite prey. Will the straw house, the wooden house and the brick house stand against his fury? Listen to this beautiful tale and enjoy!

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