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Product code 003_USB15
Category USB Light Customized
Brand il Narratore audiolibri
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We offer the purchase of the USB light of that will come with your titles choosen from the whole on line shop catalogue. 
Fifteen audiobooks in either MP3 format or Audio-eBook EPUB 3, as per your choice. You just have to mentioned your titles on the space NOTES during your purchase order or, after you've placed your order, by email to We will preload your USB, package the gift and send it to the address you have indicated in your order's schedule. Think of the literary tastes of your relatives or your friends and you will offer a unique experience of reading and listening.

8GB USB Light Uploaded packaged and shipped containing 15 (fifteen) titles of works in Audio or Audio-eBook EPUB 3 at your choice.

Price: 167,50 € 

The postage, packaging and VAT costs are included.

Type support:  USB 8 GB