Anton Chekhov, Oscar Wilde - Fairy Tales for Adults (download)



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ISBN 9781911144984
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Editore Interactive Media
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Profound truths, wisdom, and a sense of mindfulness contained in many fairy tales and short stories written by Oscar Wilde and Anton Chekhov have that universal appeal which speaks to audiences of all ages and nationalities. The characters embodies in these stories and both familiar and mysterious, they open doors and make us think and, above all, are a source of inspiration. This volume speaks of friendship, passion and true meaning of love and contains the following works: The Star-Child by Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, About Love by Anton Chekhov. Read in English, unabridged.

Autore:  Anton Chekhov;Oscar Wilde
Voce narrante:  Josh Verbae
Durata:  01h 25'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
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