Anton Chekhov, William Shakespeare - Fairy Tales for Adults (download)


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Codice prodotto SL397124
ISBN 9781787244641
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Editore Interactive Media

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The theme of romance continues in this volume and begins with iconic 'The Lady with the Dog' by Anton Chekhov. Set in Yalta, Crimea, appears at first as a holiday romance. Gurov is a married man but he holidays on his own and has a history of holiday affairs. He meets the lady of the story’s title with her Pomeranian dog. But Chekhov’s love stories are not romantic accounts of unrequited love or of love at first sight. Or, even of tortured love that is amplified by the agony of being unfulfilled. No, these are Chekhovian tales that surprise and intrigue our imagination. In the second part of this volume we continues to a more familiar ground of Shakespearian love in his masterpiece 'King Lear'. Read in English, unabridged.

Autore:  Anton Chekhov;William Shakespeare
Voce narrante:  Josh Verbae
Durata:  00h 56'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
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