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Codice prodotto BAS787-Download
ISBN 9788862770675
Categoria Bambini (in lingua italiana)
Editore GOODmood Edizioni Sonore

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Teddy is a sweet teddy bear who lives with his mum and dad in a little town buried between the mountains. Chris, on the contrary, is a quite arrogant little boy; he lives in a beautiful house, he has many toys, but not a single friend. Teddy hates him, he can't stand his arrogance and bullying, he does not like playing with him, but on a winter night Chris decides that he wants the bear, and reluctantly Teddy has to keep him company. But that night won't be like any other night for the two friends/enemies, because something unpredictable will force Chris to change his usual attitude. Suddenly, the unpleasant and spoiled boy turns into a different person, more generous and kind, that commits himself into saving poor Teddy who is in danger. Chris, with the help of the animals who live in the woods, strives to save the teddy bear, and thanks to a bit of luck succeeds in finding Teddy, but most of all he understands the importance of a friendship he does not want to give up anymore. It's not easy to have a friend when you are bullying, unfriendly, when you always want to be right; there must be understanding and respect between two friends, and mutual help if needed. Chris now knows; he has learnt that a friend is more precious than a hundred, a thousand toys; Teddy is not just a teddy bear anymore, but his dearest fellow, his best friend.

Contenuto: My friend Teddy bear - Portuguese edition

Autore:  Paola Ergi
Voce narrante:  Narratori Vari
Durata:  00h 16'
Copyright audio:  GOODmood Edizioni Sonore
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