Charles Perrault - Puss in boots - Chinese Edition (download)


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ISBN 9788862770828
Categoria Bambini (in lingua straniera)
Editore GOODmood Edizioni Sonore

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Who wouldn't love to have a cat like the one in Charles Perrault's amusing fairytale? A cat that can think, talk, that help his young master to get rich and famous! And to think that the relationship between cat and master has not started in a very promising way. John, the youngest of the miller's sons, inherits it from his father. What a shame! John was hoping for something more, some money, a new cart, but all his father left him is just an old scruffy cat! Who would have said that the cunning puss would become his best friend and the maker of his success! Thanks to his wonderful puss in boots, John will go from assistant miller to rich Marquis, and that's not over yet! Listen carefully and enjoy!

Contenuto: Puss in boots - Chinese Edition

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Autore:  Charles Perrault
Voce narrante:  Narratori Vari
Durata:  19'
Copyright audio:  GOODmood Edizioni Sonore
Supporto:  1 file zip (mp3)
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