, Cupido - Fantasy Can Become Reality (download)


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Codice prodotto SL421407
ISBN 9788726377316
Categoria Erotica (English Language)
Editore SAGA Egmont

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Long-term couples can spice up their sex life with this hot little number, whether they are bored at home or enjoying a weekend away from work, home, and the kids.

"Is tonguefuck OK in Scrabble?" - A Game of SCRABBLE, by Lisbeth, Copenhagen

"It happened right in the middle of the washing up and was so amazing. An unexpected event made it even more of a turn-on." - Carrot by Frederico

"He didn’t like going shopping with her. Then one day she came up with a plan! And, hey presto, he was definitely up for shopping after that." - At the Shops by T from Stavanger

"They decided it would be wonderful to have a long, hot shower. He fetched his shaving equipment and caught sight of desire in his lover’s eye." - Fantasy Can Become Reality by Capricorn 71

Autore:  ; Cupido
Voce narrante:  Julie Able
Durata:  00h 42'
Copyright audio:  SAGA Egmont
Supporto:  Download: 1 zip (mp3)