, Cupido - The Surprise (download)


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Codice prodotto SL421408
ISBN 9788726377323
Categoria Erotica
Editore SAGA Egmont

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Stories about a dominant woman or man, a couple or strangers exploring the boundaries of their sexuality with role play, BDSM, swinging or orgies of sexual mystery.

"They had just checked into the hotel when there was a knock at the door. The man hesitated momentarily before entering the bedroom." - The Game by R, Honningsvåg

"Darling," you said, "you know that fantasy you’ve always had about doing it with two men?" - The Other Man by Månekvinnen, Nordland.

"She went back to her friend’s with her boyfriend for a nightcap. If only she knew what they really had in mind." - Come for Coffee by Anne, Oslo

"One morning he told her that very soon he would have a big surprise for her. She just had to be ready. It would come before she even realised." - The Massive Surprise by Anna, Copenhagen

Autore:  ; Cupido
Voce narrante:  Julie Able
Durata:  00h 48'
Copyright audio:  SAGA Egmont
Supporto:  Download: 1 zip (mp3)