Danilo Clementoni - The Writer (download)


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Codice prodotto SL417387
ISBN 9788893982924
Categoria Fantascienza e Fantasy
Editore Tektime

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VOLUME 3/3 And if, we too, were nothing other than the mere characters of a great novel entitled ”Man”? In this third episode of the series ”The adventures of Azakis and Petri” our two lovable inhabitants of Nibiru must face a terrible threat from deep space. This time, however, their strength and their incredible technology may not be enough. And if help were to come from a completely unexpected source? Twists, revelations and reinterpretations of events and historical incidents will keep the reader waiting with bated breath right up to the very last line of this novel.Previous episodes:- Back To Earth- Intersection With Nibiru


Autore:  Danilo Clementoni
Voce narrante:  Les Horovitz
Copyright audio:  Tektime
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