Edith Nesbit, William Shakespeare - Shakespeare Tales of Humour and Wit (download)


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ISBN 9781787249653
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In Shakespeare plays the tragic and the comic often fade into each other turning into harmonious blending of these two elements. Shakespeare takes a special delight in employment of such harmonies. His tragedies never fail of having their comic interludes and his comedies often have a serious undertone. Still, the comic is not the tragic, and in this collection we offer some of the more humorous and witty tales from Shakespeare. The following Shakespeare adaptations are included here: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', 'As You Like It', 'Measure for Measure'. Read in English, unabridged.

Autore:  Edith Nesbit;William Shakespeare
Voce narrante:  Josh Verbae
Durata:  00h 36'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
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