Fratelli Grimm - Cinderella - English edition (download)


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ISBN 9788862770743
Categoria Bambini (in lingua straniera)
Editore GOODmood Edizioni Sonore

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Cinderella is the heroine of a traditional fairytale based on the theme of unfair oppression followed by a triumphal redemption. The tale, originating fro China, has been told in hundreds of different versions all over the world and is part of the cultural inheritance of many peoples. Even in the West dozens of versions have been realized. The most famous ones are that by Charles Perrault (based on a transcription by Giovanni Basile) and that by the brothers Grimm; the standard modern version, though, should be probably identified with the one narrated by the 1958 Walt Disney animation film. The story, that many of us already know, is about a beautiful girl who…

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Autore:  Fratelli Grimm
Voce narrante:  Narratori vari
Durata:  18'
Copyright audio:  GOODmood Edizioni Sonore
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