Giacomo Brunoro - O tesouro de Morgana, a mulher pirata - Portuguese Edition (download)


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Codice prodotto BAS775-Download
ISBN 9788862770668
Categoria Bambini (in lingua straniera)
Editore GOODmood Edizioni Sonore

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Camilla, Lucille and Vanessa are three indivisible friends: every summer they gather in Sandy Point to spend the three months of summer together, and they are a real bundle of mischief. But this year, one of them has found out an old forgotten map that talks about a hidden treasure: the fabulous treasure of Piratess Morgana. The three friends don't waste a moment and go hunting for the secret chest, prepared to get over all the tricks set up by the old Piratess. Thanks to each girl's different abilities, they will help each other in hard times. An important story to understand that everyone, with his or her peculiarities and qualities, can help the others, but also to understand that you need to learn to count on the others in hard times.

Contenuto: The treasure of Morgana the pirate - Portuguese Edition

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Autore:  Giacomo Brunoro
Voce narrante:  Narratori Vari
Durata:  11'
Copyright audio:  GOODmood Edizioni Sonore
Supporto:  1 file zip (mp3)
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