Giorgio Borroni - Autumn in horror (download)


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ISBN 9788894175875
Categoria Educazione e Formazione
Editore Giorgio Borroni

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Alfio is a junkie. Alfio is absolutely in need of a hit. Jessica wants to burgle a country house where an old guy lives collecting memories of his wife, Agnese Cipriani, a famous opera singer dead long time ago. Maicol, Jessica’s brother, is a psychopath and he just  wants to torture the poor old man. The three criminals do not know that the old man keeps a terrible secret and something evil is hidden in the house: they won’t be able to get out easily. This mix between Oculus and A Clockwork Orange will give you the creeps: black magic, tortures, haunted places and a lot of adrenaline are the insane ingredients of this dark short novel.
ContenutoAutumn in horror  (English version)

Per chi desiderasse ascoltare anche la versione in Italiano: Orrore d'Autunno 

Autore:  Giorgio Borroni
Voce narrante:  Edoardo Camponeschi
Durata:  00h 51'
Copyright audio:  Giorgio Borroni
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