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Codice prodotto ENG905-Download
ISBN 9788894175851
Categoria Fantascienza e Fantasy
Editore Giorgio Borroni

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In a not so far future, gangs of artists  who create psychic holograms fight for their supremacy:  Melancotechs, depressed guys dressed in black, and Moderntechs, worshippers of technology, hate each others. Dez, an old Melancotech and a failed artist makes a living from psychic hologram clandestine fights at the Midnight Club.  The rules of such fights? Creating  holograms which can cause a panic attack to the opponent. As if that were not enough, Dez is also an alchoolic and a drug addict whose manager, Art, is just a rip-off who lies to him by promising fame and fortune.  Dez lost the last three matches so he needs money to survive. He does not know who his next opponent will be,  but since he wants to be sure to win, he takes a sperimental drug in order to enhance his fantasy and produce the scariest hologram ever.
ContenutoMidnight Club  (English version)

Per chi desiderasse ascoltare anche la versione in Italiano: Midnight Club

Autore:  Giorgio Borroni
Voce narrante:  Edoardo Camponeschi
Durata:  00h 24'
Copyright audio:  Giorgio Borroni
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