Greg Cetus - Yoga Nidra (download)


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Codice prodotto SL396748
ISBN 9781911263227
Categoria Scienza e Filosofia
Editore Interactive Media

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Yoga Nidra offers holistic approach to relaxation. Sleep alone doesn't always provide a complete state of relaxation. Techniques used during Yoga Nidra meditation remove muscular, mental and emotional tensions to enable a more complete relaxation experience. This session will use a combination of breathing and sensation awareness techniques to rebalance the basic elements of the body and mind. We will be inducing contrasting feelings of heaviness and lightness, heat and cold, pleasure and pain. A feeling of lightness may be useful in unburdening someone who is feeling the effects of depression while a feeling of heaviness may help someone who is anxious.

Autore:  Greg Cetus
Voce narrante:  Greg Cetus
Durata:  00h 38'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
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