Ivan Turgenev - Forest Meditation (download)


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Codice prodotto SL396999
ISBN 9781787241688
Categoria Scienza e Filosofia
Editore Interactive Media

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This guided meditation takes you through bottomless sea of woodland landscapes with the leaves on the trees that are at one moment transparent as emeralds, the next, they condense into golden, almost black green. Somewhere, afar off, at the end of a slender twig, a single leaf hangs motionless against the blue patch of transparent sky, and beside it another trembles with the motion of a fish on the line, as though moving of its own will, not shaken by the wind. The sequence is followed by another twenty minutes of ambient woodland sounds.

Autore:  Ivan Turgenev
Voce narrante:  Greg Cetus
Durata:  00h 28'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
Supporto:  Download: 1 mp3