Leo Tolstoy - Stories of Leo Tolstoy (download)



Codice prodotto SL397001
ISBN 9781787241701
Categoria Gialli, Horror, Noir, Thriller
Editore Interactive Media
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A collection of short stories from one of the most famous writers of very long novels Leo Tolstoy, including: Ilyas, Little Girls Wiser Than Men, The Coffee-House of Surat. 'For man to be able to live he must either not see the infinite, or have such an explanation of the meaning of life as will connect the finite with the infinite.' Read in English, unabridged.

Autore:  Leo Tolstoy
Voce narrante:  Max Bollinger
Durata:  00h 37'
Copyright audio:  Interactive Media
Supporto:  Download: 1 zip (mp3)