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Frankenstein is a meditation upon the grounds of evil inspired by the anarchist philosophy of Mary’s father, William Godwin. It is also a daring development of Milton’s vision of the fallen angel in Paradise Lost and a critique of the idea of divine creation itself. But finally, it must be recognised as quite a new thing for its time: it is the first work of science fiction in English. And as science fiction, it is about the limitations of goodwill without wisdom. It is a dire warning against technological hubris, against the temptation to assume that benevolent intentions are sufficient to procure beneficent results. Its timely message is that there are matters with which we tamper at our peril. As such, the novel remains the most powerful Promethean fable of modern times. (Notes by Duncan Steen) (Unabridged) 

Content: Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus
112 tracks
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Per ascoltare la versione italiana: Mary Shelley - Frankenstein - Lettura di Fabio Bezzi (Alfaudiobook - versione integrale) oppure Mary Shelley - Frankenstein o il moderno Prometeo - Lettura di Narratori vari (GOODmood - versione ridotta)

Autore:  Mary Shelley
Voce narrante:  Daniel Philpott, Roger Ma, Jonathan Oliver
Durata:  9h 08'
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