Sarah Skov - Memories of You - Sexy erotica (download)


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Codice prodotto SL420867
ISBN 9788726089905
Categoria Narrativa
Editore SAGA Egmont

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"In my memories, you're clearly present. In my dreams you're real, you're mine. Your lips find mine again. Your tongue is as playful as I remember it. Your demeanour is sensual and curious. Your laugh is so spirited. Your hands are so inquisitive. Your kisses so persistent. Your body so greedy, but also yielding. I feel the warmth of you around my cock. I sense your wet and slippery clit on my fingertips, and I feel how you tighten around me, squeezing me right before you orgasm."

This short story is published in collaboration with the Swedish filmproducer Erika Lust. Her intention is to depict human nature and diversity through stories of passion, intimacy, lust and love in a fusion of powerful stories and erotica.

Autore:  Sarah Skov
Voce narrante:  Samy Andersen
Durata:  00h 34'
Copyright audio:  SAGA Egmont
Supporto:  Download: 1 zip (mp3)