William Shakespeare - Hamlet. Prince of Denmark



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Hamlet, which dates from 1600-1601, is the first in Shakespeare’s great series of four tragedies, the others being Othello (1603), King Lear (1605) and Macbeth (1606). In writing this extraordinary play Shakespeare effectively reinvented tragedy after an interval of roughly two thousand years – we have to go back to the Greek dramatists of fifth-century Athens to find anything of comparable depth and maturity.

Content: Hamlet. Prince of Denmark
58 tracks
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Hamlet: Anton Lesser
Claudius: Edward de Souza
Gertrude: Susan Engel
Ophelia: Emma Fielding
Polonius: Peter Jeffrey
Horatio: Sean Baker
Laertes: Jamie Glover
Ghost/Player King: Geoffrey Whitehead
Rosencrantz/Ist Gravedigger: Gavin Muir
Guildenstern/2nd Gravedigger: Peter Yapp
Marcellus/Cornelius/Player Queen: Benjamin Soames
Barnardo/Priest/Captain: David Timson
Osric/Francisco/Voltimand: Richard Pearce
Fortinbras/Reynaldo: Paul Panting

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Autore:  William Shakespeare
Voce narrante:  Anton Lesser, Edward de Souza, Emma Fielding and full cast
Durata:  3h 22'
Copyright audio:  Naxos Audio Books
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