Yuri Storasi - The Bobbything - English edition (download)


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ISBN 9788862772662
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Editore GOODmood Edizioni Sonore

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A 13-year-old boy. A whip. A man chained to a beam. This is the beginning of "The Bobbything", the disturbing story of a child and the monstrous relationship he has with the man he used to call his uncle. A hypnotic path through dreams and lost memories. Read by Malcolm McDowell. SUGGESTED FOR AN ADULT AUDIENCE

Contenuto: L'assassinio di Roger Ackroyd
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Autore:  Yuri Storasi
Voce narrante:  Malcolm McDowell
Durata:  1h 17'
Copyright audio:  GOODmood Edizioni Sonore
Supporto:  1 file zip (mp3)
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